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2017-01-25 09:34:50 by ZeroAsALimit

At some juncture a few years ago I converted to Christianity. I suppose I'm an Evangelical.

For a very long time, I have struggled to understand how to apply the solution to terrorism in the modern world.  Enoch powell MBE had reaosned that as terrorism is political, in order to defeat it you must remove the end goal. He stated that to defeat the IRA, Stormont must be shut down. How would I apply this to radical Islam?

Although I had stood for the free market for a few years, I have observed what has happened in America (and what I had known has been occuring in the Occident for decades). The American worker is punished by the cheap production power of third-world dictatorships. I began to understand the need for a degree of economic protectionism.

I've seen what Mr. Soros has done to the world, and is doing right now. I lived through his one-man crash of my countrys' economy. I have read a booklet by A.K. Chesterton recently called The Menace Of The Money-Power that outlines clearly how step-by-step the bankers have gained control of whole countries.

I have seen Britons of Cypriot, Greecian, and Turkish descent, who were born here take up different sides on a struggle which has little to do with Britain anymore. I have seen how in America, whenever an ethnic "minority" dies at the hands of the law, regardless of what they were doing, your whole country comes to a standstill. This has happened a few times here now.

Thankfully, Islam is only espoused by a certain segment of the country. The non-ethnically native Britons. Remove them and you remove the problem. In fact, upon contemplation, I was hasty to dismiss Hitler's claim that the state is a vessel for the race. I rejected it out of emotional revulsion to a monster, but how right he was. Britain was built by Britons, France was built by the French, and so on. When you look at any given country today, what you see are a loose grouping of communities within it who have conflicting views upon everything.

So I began to come around to repatriation. The BNP want to make peace with Islamic communities. Liberty GB wish to proscribe Islam, therefore driving it underground at best. Furthermore, you cannot wage war against an ideology.

Therefore, in consideration of these issues, in consideration of my country's past and concern for the future, I cannot go back to UKIP. I cannot go back to the Conservatives, they do not offer solutions to these issues.

I am joining the National Front.


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