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Where I Am

2017-01-25 09:34:50 by ZeroAsALimit

At some juncture a few years ago I converted to Christianity. I suppose I'm an Evangelical.

For a very long time, I have struggled to understand how to apply the solution to terrorism in the modern world.  Enoch powell MBE had reaosned that as terrorism is political, in order to defeat it you must remove the end goal. He stated that to defeat the IRA, Stormont must be shut down. How would I apply this to radical Islam?

Although I had stood for the free market for a few years, I have observed what has happened in America (and what I had known has been occuring in the Occident for decades). The American worker is punished by the cheap production power of third-world dictatorships. I began to understand the need for a degree of economic protectionism.

I've seen what Mr. Soros has done to the world, and is doing right now. I lived through his one-man crash of my countrys' economy. I have read a booklet by A.K. Chesterton recently called The Menace Of The Money-Power that outlines clearly how step-by-step the bankers have gained control of whole countries.

I have seen Britons of Cypriot, Greecian, and Turkish descent, who were born here take up different sides on a struggle which has little to do with Britain anymore. I have seen how in America, whenever an ethnic "minority" dies at the hands of the law, regardless of what they were doing, your whole country comes to a standstill. This has happened a few times here now.

Thankfully, Islam is only espoused by a certain segment of the country. The non-ethnically native Britons. Remove them and you remove the problem. In fact, upon contemplation, I was hasty to dismiss Hitler's claim that the state is a vessel for the race. I rejected it out of emotional revulsion to a monster, but how right he was. Britain was built by Britons, France was built by the French, and so on. When you look at any given country today, what you see are a loose grouping of communities within it who have conflicting views upon everything.

So I began to come around to repatriation. The BNP want to make peace with Islamic communities. Liberty GB wish to proscribe Islam, therefore driving it underground at best. Furthermore, you cannot wage war against an ideology.

Therefore, in consideration of these issues, in consideration of my country's past and concern for the future, I cannot go back to UKIP. I cannot go back to the Conservatives, they do not offer solutions to these issues.

I am joining the National Front.

Where I Was

2017-01-25 07:01:12 by ZeroAsALimit

I was brought up in a Socialist household. From a very young age I was an ardent leftist, even as young as 4, as I had many discussions with my parents where they pretty much hardwired me to resist the right in all its' forms. I called myself a Communist and I was explicitly Stalinist.

And this stayed the case until I was at the final few years of school. Once I started to become genuinely inquisitive, I rejected Stalinism. I became a Nihilist for a short while. I refuted every idea which was brought before me.

I went to college to study social sciences, hoping to find something there under the vast blanket of studies that would attract me. My first step towards a belief was learning about Behaviourism. Here was something concrete that was irrefutable. I read Walden Two.  In politics class we were studying Rousseau and Hobbes. Hobbes had been denounced as a Fascist by the students of the class (co-incidentally, MI5 hold this view too). I was aware that this was not the case, as I had READ The Fascist Manifesto and (although I had found it distasteful to me, and dull), I was aware that what I had read was much more technical in nature.

So, I purchased a book on Fascism by Rodger Griffin entitled Fascists. The language of the Fascists was beautiful and I found myself won over by their arguments and dreams.

So it was that I became a Mosleyite. The closest thing to a Mosleyite party was the British integralist Party, who were interested in making me a party officer, but I declined, finding issue with some of their positions which I felt clashed with Mosley.

I became preoccupied with the EU. I had never liked it, but now I was politically aware, I could see that they make our laws. The first thing would be to leave the EU. At that point, the largest anti-EU party in my area was the British National Party. So I leafletted for them, I had considered joining.

As you may know, I hit a major bump in my life. By the time I had recovered, UKIP were the largest anti-EU party and were starting to gain successes. I joined a political party for the first time in my life, fully intending to leave after the Second Elizabethan Era ends, due to a hatred for Prince Charles that permeates the party to the highest level.

I began to meet Libertarians, and the economical arguments were irrefutable. I began to feel like Zapata (beware when fighting monsters...). So I started to believe in less government. After the Scottish referendum, after UKIP had secured a guarentee of an EU referendum, I joined the Conservative and Unionist Party.

I had been worried about the possible growth of the Scottish National Party, although this worry had been ill-founded.

My subscription just ran out and now begins the next chapter, where I have had to look at some things that I found uncomfortable at first.

Favourite Artists

2016-11-22 15:23:25 by ZeroAsALimit

"Weird Al" Yankovic

13th Floor Elevators

4 Past Midnight

A. K. A. The Fox, A. K. Chesterton, A. Masseglia, A. R. Rahman, A.T.F.C., A. Vorodeyev, A:XUS, A1, Aaron Bayley, Aaron Carter, Aaron Goldberg, Aaron Neville, Abacus & Bratticus, ABBA, ABC, ABC News, Abdominable Showmen, Abida Parveen, Abney Park, Aborym, Abraham Mudukanele, Abrasive Wheels, Absolute Body Control, Absu, AC Newman, AC/DC, Adamski, Adamski's Thing, Alaska, Alice Cooper, Aloof, Andy Norman, Anonymous, Antonio Vivaldi, Anton Maiden, Aphex Twin, Atari Teenage Riot

Bad Meets Evil, Bad News, Barry Upton, Bauhaus, BBC Sympyonhy Orchestra, Beatles, Bill Clinton, Billy Ray Cyrus, Black Arabs, Bloc Party, Blueboy, Bob Dylan, Brian Eno, British Military Band, Brother Of Soul, Burzum

Callisto, Calvin Harris, Campbell's Soup, Celtic Spirit, Choir Of King's College Choir, Cambridge, Cibo Matto, Ciccone Youth, Cistercian Monks Of Stift Heiligenkreuz, Colin Baldry,  Collins, Colours, Combat 84, Combo Charlie Nederpelt, Come Outside, Comicbook, Commitments, Commodores, Composer, Conflict, Congress-Woman Malinda Jackson Parker, Connor Reeves, Connie Dycus, Connie Francis, Conquest Of Steel, Consolidated, Consumed, Contessa Lady V, Cult, Cure

Damned, Damo Suzuki & Now, Daniel O'Donnell, David Bowie, Death In June, Depeche Mode, Desperate Bicycles, Django Reinhardt-Fud Cadrix Et Son Orchestre, DJ Yoda, Domino, Dr. Dre, Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna, Dubtribe Sound System, Ducks Deluxe

Einsturzende Neubauten, Elbow, Electric Eels, Enoch Powell MBE, Enya, EU

Faith No More, Fast Eddie, Fall, Frankie Armstrong, Frank Zappa, Fresh And Low, Future

Gary Numan, George H. W. Bush, Glasvegas, Glen Matlock And The Philistines, Glenn Branca, Glenn Underground, Grandmaster Flash, Gun Club

H.I.M., Heathen Shame, Henry Wood, Highlanders Bagpipe Band, Hittman

Interpol, Iron Maiden

J. Hill, Jam, Jazzanova, Jean-Francois Paillard Chamber Orchestra, Jeremy Healy, Jif, Joe Budden, John Cale, John kay, Joy Divison

Kanye West, Killing Joke, Korg The CD, Korn, Kraftwerk, Kreator

Laibach, Lil' Louis & The World, Lily Allen, Lil Wayne, Ludwig Van Beethoven

Manowar, Marc Shaiman, Margaret Thatcher, Marilyn Manson, Mario Systems, Marolo, Melvins, Michael Dukakis, Michael Jackson, Michael Zapruder, Mindless Self Indulgence, Ministry, Mobb Deep, Monty Python, Morrissey, Motorhead

NǽnøcÿbbŒrg VbërrHolökäävsT, Naked City, Naomi N'Sembi, Ne-Yo, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Nicole Sherzinger, Nightmares In Wax, Nirvana (USA), Nitin Sawhney, Noir Désir, Nurse With Wound, Nuspirit Helsinki

O.T. Quartet, Oasis, Obie Trice, Old Funeral, One Minute Silence, OPAL, Orgone Company

Paper Magic Group, Paul Centallas, Paul La Ted, Peter And The Test Tube Babies, Peter Dawson, Peter Grudzien, Phil Faversham, Phuture, Prince, Public Image Ltd., Pussycat Dolls


Raffi, Rammstein, Ramones, Repulsion, Residents, Richard Nixon, Richard Walther Darré, Rig, Robert Goldie, Rodney Crowell, Roger Eno, Ronald Reagan, Ronan Keating, Roots, Ross Perot, Runrig, Ryan

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Ursula Rucker

Vasilisk, Venom, Virgin Prunes, Von Sudenfed

Washington Irving, White Zombie, Who

XIII Ghosts, Xzibit

Yellow Magic Orchestra, Young Gods

Right-Wing Score Cards

2015-10-05 08:11:34 by ZeroAsALimit

Should be fun

Mosley: A Re-evaluation

2015-09-25 01:43:40 by ZeroAsALimit

Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley, 6th Baornet is usually unfavourably remembered as the leader of the British Union of Fascists and later the British Union of Fascists and National Socialists, however, that was not the full extent of his career, nor was he left unrehabilitated after the war.


To understand Sir Oswald, we must look at his life. Like many who would become politicians of his generation he fought with distinction in The Great War and this would shape his politics. He ended up alone in Ypres, looking around the ruins of great achievements of civilisation falling apart around him. As synchronicity usually plays out n these scenarios, Adolf Hitler was also lost in Ypres. Ypres was the worst battle in the European mainland and the town would be fought in numerous times in the war.


Sir Oswald seen many of his comrades die and have limbs blown off. After the war, he returned home to be surprised at how many of the men who fought were unable to find work. Thus his two goals in life were forged:


- peace

- employment


Sir Oswald joined the Conservative party. Seen as the patriotic choice, it only seemed natural. He worked his way up to working underneath the cabinet minister tasked with getting the people back to work. Sir Oswald worked tirelessly at this task, borrowing from Keynes he advocated a short-term macroeconomic plan that he believed would get the nation back to work. His proposal was rejected, as the minister believed that government investment would actually stifle growth.


He was furious and did something that was considered very radical for a Peer of the Realm. He crossed the floor to Labour. He was convinced that this party of socialism would be the chance for him to put his economic plan into action. He once again worked his way up, to get underneath the shadow minister for mployment. Once they got into power, Sir Oswald presented his same plan. Once again it was rejected upon the same grounds. Infuriated, Sir Oswald quite Labour too.


During this period, he had earned a Knighthood. He earned it for his work in opposing the Blacks and Tans in Ireland.


He then took a small break. Neither Labour or the Conservatives would appear to help his second goal, as far as he was concerned. He studied what Benito Mussolini was doing in Italy and decided that this system could fulfill both of his aims. He believed that a Fascist Britian would not be drawn into international conflict and he also believed that the State could bring employment up to 100%.


So he founded the New Party, a splinter of the Labour Party. Incidentally, there already was a British Fascist movement called the British Fascisti, later changed to the British Fascists. His New Party would become the BUF and much later the BUFNS. (that's a funny word that: bufns. Try saying it. Go on. Bufns!). Just before it was proscribed it was called British Union.


Sir Oswald opposed the attempt by the Conservative government to force His Royal Highness Edward VIII By the Grace of God, of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions beyond the Seas King, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of Indiato abdicate. There was talks of a split within the Conservatives, perhaps led by The Right Honourable Sir Winston Churchill, Knight of the Order of the Garter, Member of the Order of Merit, Champion of Honour, Terrirotial Decoration, Deputy Lieutenant, Fellow of the Royal Society, Royal Academian and the British Union of Fascists would dissolve and merge with this group. The soldiers that guard Buckingham Palace were armed for the first time and there was a real worry of civil war.


His Majesty, who had also served in the Great War, being also a man of peace and more importantly, a man of his people and not wanting this to happen did abdicate.


When World War 2 erupted, Sir Oswald encouraged members to enlist, but did so with a heavy heart. Members of the BU were arrested. Hilariously, one chap was arrested just after saving some of our soldiers in Dunkirk, just as he was rowing in. The worry was that Hitler would want to install Sir Oswald to power. We now know that Hitler's policy for puppet leaders was to install Conservatives instead of Fascists (Conservative governments were more stable, you see). His plan for Britain was actually to reenstate Stanley Baldwin, 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley, Knight of the Order of the Garter, Privy Counsellor, Fellow of the Royal Society as Prime Minister and reenstate King Edward VIII as King. Of course, that would be problematic as it was before.


He lived out the war in house arrest. After it, Earl Baldwin met Sir Oswald at a function, and gave him a cordial tour of the house.


His enthusiasm for Fascism <b>as it was</b> had been sunk - it didn't bring peace, it proved to be one of the most destrucive ideologies the world had seen. How would he achieve peace?


He came to believe that if Europe were one country, it could not war with one another.  He started a new party, the Union Movement, which he cemented within a European-wide movement that he founded called the European Social Movement and then once that had wound up another one called the National Party of Europe (European parties tend to be fickle to my readers from outwith the European Union). He believed that this new European nationalism would bring peace. Although his work here was influential on the Italian Social Movement and Alan de Benoist, it had no effect on the electorate.


Near his death, he admitted failure in his career. His employment plan was never implemented, he failed to make the world a more peaceful place. The only place where he had an impact on was the latter in Ulster, yet peace had not been brought to Ulster.


British Union wound up in 1994. I don't see Sir Oswald as a monster, but as a tragic Quixotic figure. Those dreams of his were quite impossible.

That's it.