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Bye Bye Baby

7/16/13 by ZeroAsALimit

We had him for three and a half years and raised him from a wee puppy. My Bailey was the whole world to me, all I thought of all day. People always said that the only time they ever saw me smile was when I was with him.

She was never very happy with leaving him in on his own while we went out to work, but he would usually only be left in for a little while as I do shifts and she does 9-5.

We got notice to quit on our previous house and had to move. Once again, renting. The guy upstairs hates dogs. We couldn't afford to move again. I had thought of taking Bailey and leaving (illegal in Scotland), but I had nowhere to go and even if I DID, he would then be left in on his own for terrible amounts of time as I done overtime to earn enough to get by.


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It is. They ended up biting someone and it's all my fault.



Don't be. I was a shitty owner.

8/10/13 ZeroAsALimit responds:

I'm sure that's not true mate.



At least your dog is still alive. Mine got put down.

8/7/13 ZeroAsALimit responds:

I'm sorry :(



awwwe im sorry to hear that i remember when i lost a pet it made me soo sad it was like a bestfriend always there when no one else was but just like old friends we alll have to move on some time :(

7/31/13 ZeroAsALimit responds:

Thanks man. That's exactly what he was, my best friend. I might get to see him every now and then, but I feel like my fiancée took my baby away from me and all I could do was watch,