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Halfway Through My Week Off

2/27/13 by ZeroAsALimit

Done nothing but chores and sit and stare at the walls. Oh yes, I've been reading, Luke Haines 'Bad Vibes: Britpop And My Part In Its' Downfall', sure, but there is no point in learning if you never get to apply anything that you learn. At best, I am become trivia.

Today, I might, just MIGHT venture outside and see if I can afford some ukelele strings. Doubt that I will practice though, because I give up too easily on things. I've been horrifically sober, because I can't drink anymore.

Maybe some Pony?

What I'm trying to say is. Help.


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if u belive in yourself u will acomplish anyfing

3/4/13 ZeroAsALimit responds:

Oh dear.



Treat yourself to a lovely evening.

3/4/13 ZeroAsALimit responds:

One day I will

god helps those who helps themselves

3/4/13 ZeroAsALimit responds:


I've only ever helped others.